Friday, March 30, 2012

Featured Member: Anthony Regina

Anthony Regina
Complete Computer Solutions

3001 Bayshore Road
Suite 25
Benicia, CA 94510
707-400-6048 Phone
707-745-0109 Fax

It's All About People, Not Computers. The staff at CCS each has a minimum of 20 years of working in the tech industry and have see all sorts of equipment and configurations. We have all worked from small mom and pop shops, to Apple, Microsoft, IBM and other companies working in big IT departments. By our staff having been exposed to both enviroments, we have decided to focus on the small to medium businesses that do not have the resources of the big companies to meet their technology needs.

An Interactive Tool. We have provided this website as a tool to provide you with a clear understanding of the many ways we can service your needs, the vast array of products available to help you grow your business or enhance your quality of life, and introduce you to a different way of investing in technology.

How We're Different. Using advanced tools, resources,technical data bases and the latest diagnostic equipment, our staff is ready to answer your questions and service your equipment with expert guidance and planned implementations. We listen to your needs and provide product and service solutions with fast, around-the-clock service by our trained career professionals. We provide free pickup and delivery. There is also that special touch that you don't find so often any more... telephones answered by a warm body with a pleasant voice, 24 hours a day.

Progressive Philosophy. Because of the unusual speed with which our industry reshapes itself and the difficulty that represents to the typical computer user, our business is to deliver applied technology by helping our clients to acquire the best solutions and attain functional competence quickly. As teachers, we know our first job is to learn; and learning from our customers is just as important as learning from our peers. What we discovered, we then translated into this philosophy:"to be in the business of making its customers happy and satisfied enough to return". This philosophy is the formula driving our company's success.

An Educational Emphasis is placed on customer relations. The entire staff takes great pride in the ability to speak simply and clearly... sharing a basic understanding of technical issues in plain English. Understanding the best options for repairs, upgrades, and purchases helps an informed individual evaluate benefits to be had in purchasing a new products, as well as judging the best alternatives in repair and upgrade options.

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